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Concord Music

1996 AQHA Grulla Stallion
Fee: $500
15.1 Hands
Sired by: Snipper Music
Dam: Cinder Gold Bar,
granddaughter of Mr. Bar None
(World Champion Running Quarter Horse),
and also the granddaughter of
Mr. Gold 95 (Superior Performance Horse)

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Concord Music Quarter Horse

Rockey Lynn riding Concord Music

Here at Lynn's Quarter Horses, we stand four gorgeous foundation bred stallions that have everything you are looking for, as a serious breeder... Disposition, conformation, athletic ability and last, but by no means least, COLOR.

There will not be a Hillman & Lynn Production Sale for the year of 2011. Ranch Sales only

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Weanlings, yearlings, broke 2 yr olds, ranch geldings, broodmares, etc. These are quality horses with working pedigrees. They have athletic ability, trainable minds, gentle dispositions, intelligence, the prettiest heads you'll ever see anywhere, super conformation, big muscled hips, good bone and feet big enough to carry their weight. They can work on a ranch, day after day. Versatility, you bet, these horses can rope, rein, cut cows, pleasure and trail ride. Add to all of that, lot's of color! Every color imaginable; Grullos, grullo roans, Duns, dun roans, blue roans, bays, bay roans, red roans, buckskins, red duns, palominos, blacks, etc.

If you would like to look at more pictures of a certain horse, please email me and I will email you more pictures. Please tell me what horse or horses you are interested in. contact: Betty Lynn Thank you.

Meet the Lynn's:

We have been breeding horses for 46 years, or just say that Rockey has been breeding Quarter Horses since 1976. In the 46 years that Rockey and I have been married, we built this herd up, a little at a time. We have critiqued our herd, every year, and brought in better bloodlines in our broodmares. At the same time, we stayed with these exceptional Working type, stallions. We have some old foundation bloodlines: Hollywood Gold, King P234, Leo, NU Bar, crossed on our Snipper Music sons and daughters. Their offspring inherit their good traits; intelligent, athletic, cowy, willing to please and easy to train, wonderful calm, gentle dispositions. Plus you can't beat how pretty they are. Their heads are exquisite, their conformation is correct, and their gaits are very smooth. They are a pleasure to ride, and if a person has a job to do on a ranch, they like to work! The many different colors are amazing, also. It's so fun in the spring, to see what colors the new foals are, after foaling.

If you have cattle to doctor, our horses can be roped off from. They walk out well, and cover those miles, whether you are rounding up cows, checking fence, or just going for a trail ride for fun. Many of our horse buyers have written to say; that they never want to ride anything else! Our horses are special. People are always amazed, by these horses. Anyone who rides one, notices how special they really are, and fall in love with them.

They are good at all kinds of disciplines. Kids are training them, themselves, showing them at horse shows, & 4-H, and winning! Some are winning end of year awards, such as a saddle or buckle. They have also won High Point awards, in daily shows, because they do well, in so many different kinds of events. Western and English performance classes, Pleasure classes, trail class, roping, barrel racing, reining, cutting cows, our horses are capable of doing it all! Come to our ranch for a visit, and experience the joy of riding and owning a Lynn's Quarter Horse!

Rockey Lynn was born and raised on a ranch in the mountains of Clearwater, Idaho. Someone asked his dad why he farmed such steep country. He said "because it was too steep to pasture!" Rockey and his siblings helped run the family ranch from little kids on. They grew all their fruits and vegetables in a huge garden, and their mom canned it all on a wood stove. They milked cows, churned butter, and made ice cream by hand. In the spring, they would help relatives and neighbors drive their cattle from Clearwater to Elk City to summer pasture. It was a two-day ride, trailing cattle, and then they would ride the 50 miles home in one day. Rockey's personal mount has been a stallion since he was 9 years old. He likes how alert they are, and how they'll warn you of something up the trail. He trained a lot of colts, trailing cattle. He says it keeps them calm, gives them a purpose for doing what you ask them to do, and they never get bored or sour, like they do in an arena. The kind of riding he did, he needed a horse with good bone; feet and legs that would hold up on mountain trails, horses that had good trainable minds, horses that liked to work cattle. Those are the kind of horses that Rockey likes, and those are the kind of horses that he raises today. His love of horses and the kind of horses it takes to get the job done remain the same. Rockey has been breeding and raising registered Quarter Horses since 1975.

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Betty riding Miss Piper

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Betty on Sortago Leo

Betty Lynn was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A self proclaimed horse-aholic, she says she never met a horse she didn't like. She started out showing ponies in horse shows when she was eight years old. Her showing progressed from 4-H classes (Western pleasure, halter, and showmanship) to barrel racing in her teens. She was Michigan Barrel Racing State Champion in 1961 and '62. She rode and trained two horses to win their AQHA Arena ROM's in barrel racing. SORTAGO LEO (a 1957 grandson of Leo) won his Arena ROM and was AQHA High Point Barrel Racing Stallion in 1963. MISS PIPER (whose pedigree traced to Peter McCue) earned her AQHA Arena ROM in 1965, along with the Michigan Quarter Horse Association Barrel Racing Champion of 1965.

Rockey and Betty have always loved and handled stallions. They have over 20 years of experience breeding horses. They will make every effort to get your mare in foal. A good horse veterinarian is available if needed. Every mare is penned separately. They are fed and watered 3 times a day. Hand breeding only. Our stallions have beautiful heads and conformation, great dispositions, intelligence, athletic ability, and exciting color! Come and see them in the flesh. We enjoy showing them to people. [ View the Ranch ]

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